the Pandoran age Chronicles​​

The Story Begins...

Deneb IV, Empire of Light and Darkness.

The shift in power from the Sol System to Deneb System, and the conflicts of the era seem inevitable from our long view back. Deneb’s luminosity-a thousand times that of Sols, certainly made it a naturay way station among the stars for industrial development based on solar power. However with the advent of Faster than Light systems which accessed Zero Space, Humanity had scattered like a patch of dandelions seeding in the wind. It was a lawless, Surreal Chaos among many of the  settlements. For someone living in the twenty-fifth Century, however, the violence and sudden reversals and advances among the worlds must have most certainly seemed a jarring billiards game of planets.
It was an obscure Medical Research facility on one of a hundred bustling boom-worlds that would come to define the age. A dashing young scientist, Lourdes Cassandra appears on the Galactic stage as if at the weightless moment of an apogee…first mention of her being called to the Scalotta Institute-a meeting that would unfold in a series of unexpected revelations like an origami opera.
As the world turned away from the light of  Deneb (which is far too brilliant for the human eye to bear) she made her course; away from the searing light. Replacing eyes was one of Deneb IV’s great skills among the worlds of the galaxy, skills learned out of grim necessity. The world turns away, night falls, and the activity of Humanity on Deneb IV begins. Mankind there nocturnal, coming out of its caves of steel into the starlight, busying itself in the safe darkness. Pink Town, Lancelot Station, Clement Gardens, Simmons City: a building juggernaut of three centuries, and with each thirty year plan the previous estimates of growth are outdone by an order of magnitude. The reality was now a megalopolis stretching along the Southern Shore of the Black Sea across half the planet.

-Princess Clairissa Maggio, Caldris “Deneb IV, Empire of Light and Darkness.”
Lourdes Charlotte Cassandra watched the construction rigs from her air-taxi over the busting metropolis of Pink Town with a curious disdain. She made her way to the Medical Center; a mysterious government medical research agency had summoned her. The last of the light silvered on the far horizon, frightening in its aspect. Blindness gleamed there. The Medical Center was further out, past Pink town, alone in an area newly developing among the shallow inlands by the Black Sea. The planet had been building cities without pause as long as Lourdes could remember, back into the misty memories of childhood, as she had peered out of her Grandmother Chen Ping’s aircar decades before. Aircars and construction cranes were two constants in her life. It seemed she was always in one, looking out at the other. The last of Deneb’s blinding daylight faded, and she was off.
Bring on the night…

Clairissa Maggio

Uncharted Space, Far side of the Milky Way.
Where the devil is the crew?
 Maximus Mercurio wiped a mass of blood and grime from his face, orienting himself in the steaming gangway of the fighter bomber. He found himself lying on a wall. The bomber’s gravity bubble was off. There was, however, gravity-a rolling pull that pinned him hard to the gangway, a meter and a half off the floor.
A gravity well, he thought; his compact round face glaring around in sudden understanding of danger. A gravity well would mean a world-or worse. He gathered his senses.
There was a streaming sound against the hull-a decaying orbit.
Thick air, heavy gravity-a gas giant!
The ship was dropping into the atmosphere of a gas giant!
Springing to his feet, he steam-rolled toward the cockpit. His mind careened with the sudden rocking and shaking of the vessel. With each piston step he assessed his situation. The gravity bubble was off, thus it was only a matter of time before the pressures outside burned the ship up, crushed them, and sank them in a stream of metallic hydrogen deep in the planet’s innards.
 Where the devil is the crew?! Something had knocked him on his petard and cut his face open, rendering him unconscious. He had no memory of the event. Rat chewing worm worshiping refugees! But someone’s going to pay with black and blue booty! He balled his fists up and looked this way and that. The floor was now a wall to his left. He cursed in three languages and continued down the gangway avoiding swinging hatches. Who unlocked all the hatch doors?