the Pandoran age Chronicles​​

The Story Begins...

Deneb IV, Empire of Light and Darkness.

The shift in power from the Sol System to Deneb System, and the conflicts of the era seem inevitable from our long view back. Deneb’s luminosity-a thousand times that of Sols, certainly made it a naturay way station among the stars for industrial development based on solar power. However with the advent of Faster than Light systems which accessed Zero Space, Humanity had scattered like a patch of dandelions seeding in the wind. It was a lawless, Surreal Chaos among many of the  settlements. For someone living in the twenty-fifth Century, however, the violence and sudden reversals and advances among the worlds must have most certainly seemed a jarring billiards game of planets.
It was an obscure Medical Research facility on one of a hundred bustling boom-worlds that would come to define the age. A dashing young scientist, Lourdes Cassandra appears on the Galactic stage as if at the weightless moment of an apogee…first mention of her being called to the Scalotta Institute-a meeting that would unfold in a series of unexpected revelations like an origami opera.
As the world turned away from the light of  Deneb (which is far too brilliant for the human eye to bear) she made her course; away from the searing light. Replacing eyes was one of Deneb IV’s great skills among the worlds of the galaxy, skills learned out of grim necessity. The world turns away, night falls, and the activity of Humanity on Deneb IV begins. Mankind there nocturnal, coming out of its caves of steel into the starlight, busying itself in the safe darkness. Pink Town, Lancelot Station, Clement Gardens, Simmons City: a building juggernaut of three centuries, and with each thirty year plan the previous estimates of growth are outdone by an order of magnitude. The reality was now a megalopolis stretching along the Southern Shore of the Black Sea across half the planet.

-Princess Clairissa Maggio, Caldris “Deneb IV, Empire of Light and Darkness.”
Lourdes Charlotte Cassandra watched the construction rigs from her air-taxi over the busting metropolis of Pink Town with a curious disdain. She made her way to the Medical Center; a mysterious government medical research agency had summoned her. The last of the light silvered on the far horizon, frightening in its aspect. Blindness gleamed there. The Medical Center was further out, past Pink town, alone in an area newly developing among the shallow inlands by the Black Sea. The planet had been building cities without pause as long as Lourdes could remember, back into the misty memories of childhood, as she had peered out of her Grandmother Chen Ping’s aircar decades before. Aircars and construction cranes were two constants in her life. It seemed she was always in one, looking out at the other. The last of Deneb’s blinding daylight faded, and she was off.
Bring on the night…

Clairissa Maggio


They had pulled Lourdes out of her ordinary life and dragged her across the galaxy in a warship, then added some scary mercenaries, firefights, and now a sixty-five-million-year old alien base. It was game time, and she hovered over the research done to date with a mind every scientist on the base came to admire. She had nanoscopes, field recorders, quantum computers and the whole damn team and even the mercenaries working at one point, looking at the how, why, and what the aliens had created so long ago.

In a solid month of ceaseless labor and teamwork, she knew she had only scratched the surface of the paint job on Predecessor technology. But her focus was organic interfaces, and the organic chemistry interlinks were discoverable on a number of levels. There were immersive VR chambers. With Chairs. Really big, sleek, strange chairs, but chairs none the less and control panels with buttons. Not holo screens, but buttons you could press, and alien DNA still on them. Reptilian. Amphibian maybe, but definitely not second or third wave life forms evolving after several planetary mass extinctions like Humans were, but fresh out of the Evolutionary box reptiles.

“So what did we have here-dinosaurs?” Tutu looked around at the empty halls of the base with a grim thought that he wasn’t at the top of the food chain any longer.”
Lourdes lovely eyes beamed back. “Yeah. Probably skipped the mass extinctions of Earth-just kept evolving after they rose up, accumulating knowledge and technology for untold millennia and eons before they ran into something they could never imagine.”
“And that was?”
“Something bad. Something worse than them.”
“Good thing it’s gone.”
Lourdes stopped for a long moment. “We know the Predecessors are gone. We don’t know that which exterminated them is gone.”

the magfnificent raiders of dimension war one

at Deneb IV, a plan is hatched to bring Lisa Sulla out of her virtual prison and back into physical world again...

Lisa Sulla

David Omm

Lourdes Cassandra

The spy whose love for David clouded her judgement in her previous life, she is now brought back and failure this time is not an option...
founder of an empire
ruled by an elite overlord class of transhumans
once a great diplomat whose greatest mission failed in an epic war, he now stands against the overlords in a last bid for redemption...

a jarring billiards game of worlds... 

“That nebula is a time fortress against fifth dimensional intrusion into our space-time, of course.” The shadows nipping at his heals these past months cleared a bit.  If he was right, the Predecessors had found, if not a victory over the trans-dimensional bogies, at least a sanctuary and solace. Survival. Before all else, one must survive.
Nothing short of the survival of humanity was at stake.
“Alright then” Ossa said. “We go down there and find out what is really taking place on that world. If there are Predecessors alive and well, I want us breaching some form of communication with them. If not, I want to know if there are functioning machinery still throwing up defensive fields. Form exploratory teams, and start getting me the hard science that Central declined to acquire. I want to know the what, where, and when about the history of this planet-this whole nebula. I want scout ships scouring every corner of this gas cloud, every star charted, right down to the planetoids orbiting. Get the Hammerheads ready, we’re going on a field trip.”
general vega ossa
Out of the Solar wind and into a rad box
Uncharted Space, Far side of the Milky Way
En route to the Pleiades. 4217

Return to base. To Chrysalis Isla.
That was all for now, a simple clear objective. That was the way Maximus Mercurio liked things. Merged with the ship’s nervous system, he felt the nucleonic cloud of the galaxy brush his face like a cool sea air, he saddled the currents of the interstellar winds, and heard the roar of the galactic plume as a steady song. Flying alone, over the top of the galaxy, higher then, among the isolated globular clusters, he took in the grandeur of the greater galactic cloud.

He willed the ship to form a tight gravity bubble of normal space about the fighter, and bending normal space away, he fell hard into the hyperstreams of the fifth dimension. He pressed on through the hyperstreams for months.
maximus mercurio
The Captain’s com was being shielded-someone was blocking communication, and the Captain probably wasn’t even aware of it.
A trap.
Sag moved down the dark brick and stone alley of the red light district like he owned it. He sneered with disdain; Outworlds. Lame preindustrial Architecture, bad organic booze-if you’re going to sin, why there?
He saw the neon and second rate hologram:
“The Yellow Jaguar”
He knocked once; a blue face appeared in a peephole. “What?”
What?? You gotta be kidding me. Sag swung one back kick and the door collapsed. His motion never ceased. The Blue face was hit once, twice, three times. The man had grabbed a rifle but it was too late.
Sag had his disser out, the man’s arms twisted around his back, and the disser pressed against the back of his head before he could engage his rifle.
“Tell me where my Captain is. Tell me where my Captain is NOW!”  Sag bellowed. The whole nightclub became silent.
Winteroud Sole stepped through the door after Sagamore, and adjusted his collar. “Well! I see we’ve made our entrance, and a grand one at that.”
Mr. Gibbon followed in behind and the whole club was doubly shocked. Androids, even chromium thirty-second century androids were a rarity this far from Cyborgian Central and the Republics.
Gibbon looked over at Sagamore who still held the bouncer with his disser at his head. Then he looked at the club full of gawking patrons. He raised his chin, “What?”
“Where is my Captain?!” Sagamore bellowed again.
It was Sole who answered, looking up at the ceiling, “He’s upstairs talking to Jane.”

Mr. Gibbon